Emre Sokullu Grou.ps v2 is on ProductHunt, please give a thumbs up. More on that soon. https://www.producthunt.com/posts/grou-ps-v2
Evan When are going to see this new platform
Evan These sites been going offline the last couple of weeks . The most recent it started last Saturday afternoon evening in the U. S . 
They are back on now yet not a many avatar and or photo and or video is visible
Evan What's deal with this new platform thingy I hear about ...do tell
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Evan wow , not a lot of action on this site
Evan I could use some tutoring here ...I am trying to fix the home page at my site , it will not load , for 2 weeks now ..I am told I can create a new home page but I do not know how ...any Idea's
Evan Ok guys ...As you all know New years is coming up and with that comes the parties . I don't want to hear of any members on this site going out and getting a DUI , or worse ! ... Get a ride , Uber it , city bus it , designated driver it , taxi cab it ...walk it ... DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE ! IT AIN'T WORTH IT ! ...And remember , buzzed driving is drunk driving .
Also to consider , after the party and your hung over , you still could be charged with impaired driving , up to 20 hours after your last drink ...Be safe , And Have a great New Year !
Evan A Merry Christmas to all !
Evan The site twinkmeetingroom.com is off line for a couple days now I suspect the domain expired
Evan Thanks to the tech team for getting warrens site back to normal !
Evan wow still no home page at warrens site , wow
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Evan warrens site ...slurperssmoothhotboys is not working or something ...I cannot get it to load up I keep getting an OOP'S message
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durandcr posted a new blog entry Platform Updates.
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".. I will run Grou.ps to support my real support group of patients and doctors who live in Thessaloniki, Greece. We are intend to use the grou.ps platform while four of our group patients will start insulin pump. They will start pumping insulin tomorrow and we will support their first days via Sweet edition."

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