Dear GROU.PS Users,

We are announcing our new Custom Domain pricing. The first year introductory price for your Custom Domain name will be billed at $14.95 and subsequent years for renewal will be billed at $19.95.

All current Custom Domains that have been purchased through GROU.PS will be renewed at our new ra...... [ Read the rest of this story ]
One problem we hear pretty often from our customers, is that, no matter how many members they invite to their social network, the retention levels are never as high as they would like it to be and this is a common problem that many online communities face across all platforms.

Having hosted well over 300,000 social networks on our platform, experienced three of them reach and exceed 1 million members, we’ve had the exclusive privilege to see what best practices make a social network foster and build an engaged audience.  Here we want to share those useful tips with our customers. 

Basically, we’ve observed that it all comes down to the fact that there are 2 ways to create stickiness within your network:

1. Real-Life Authority
2. Content

So let me elaborate more:

Real Life Authority applies particularly well to professional and educational networks. In professional networks, where the purpose of the social network is collaboration, the founder of group, whic...... [ Read the rest of this story ]
  1. Don't email your target list of members right after creating your group. Prepare first by creating the seed content. You should only invite a few close friends who'll help you with initial preparations and/or give feedback. Make sure your and your friends' profiles are complete and you have profile questions set.
  2. When you feel ready to go, use mailchimp for your first invitation emails. Because obviously their email delivery rates are way better than us.
  3. The page that your invitees see first is very important. GROU.PS login pages are already optimized for maximum impact to your prospective members; however, it may be in your benefit to fake the number of members you claim to have in your network. Prospective members may be deterred from joining your network if it says you only have 2 members. To replace the member count number please visit your admin panel, then go to Look&Feel > Views > Auth and replace "{$groupMembersCountText}" with "50 members and counting" or whatever you feel comfortable with. Again, it's important that you indeed have some close friends in your network before they come in.
  4. Did I mention profile questions? Yes I did, ...... [ Read the rest of this story ]
Hi folks,

Starting from 04/15/2013 you will see a little bump on our prices. 

  • The Bronze Plan will go away. 
  • The Silver will be $20/month and you will be able to pay it on a monthly basis.
  • The max no of moderators with the Silver plan will be 2.
  • The Gold Plan will be $40/month and you will be able to pay it on a monthly basis.
  • The max no of moderators with the Gold plan will be 10.
  • The Platinum Plan will be $80/month and you will be able to pay it on a monthly basis.
  • The max no of moderators with the Platinum plan will be 50.
  • The VIP Plan will be $100/month and you will be able to pay it on a monthly basis.
  • The setup fee from the VIP plan will be discarded.
  • The max no of moderators with the VIP plan will be 100.
  • VIP will come with Paywall features.
Again- the pricing change will have no impact on our customers who created their group prior to 04/15/2013.

However, old customers will also notice the new limitations on the number of moderators and the new API and mobile app limitations.Read the rest of this story ]
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