10 Tips for a Successful Launch

Sun 03 Nov 2013 07:20:59 | 4 comments
  1. Don't email your target list of members right after creating your group. Prepare first by creating the seed content. You should only invite a few close friends who'll help you with initial preparations and/or give feedback. Make sure your and your friends' profiles are complete and you have profile questions set.
  2. When you feel ready to go, use mailchimp for your first invitation emails. Because obviously their email delivery rates are way better than us.
  3. The page that your invitees see first is very important. GROU.PS login pages are already optimized for maximum impact to your prospective members; however, it may be in your benefit to fake the number of members you claim to have in your network. Prospective members may be deterred from joining your network if it says you only have 2 members. To replace the member count number please visit your admin panel, then go to Look&Feel > Views > Auth and replace "{$groupMembersCountText}" with "50 members and counting" or whatever you feel comfortable with. Again, it's important that you indeed have some close friends in your network before they come in.
  4. Did I mention profile questions? Yes I did, but I repeat it, because it's very important!! Make sure you have 3-7 of those and make sure they're valuable and interesting questions to your audience. You can make your questions abstract and open-ended. For a fitness community for instance, you can ask a question such as "What strengthens you?"
  5. Your newsfeed is the first thing your members will see when they log in for the first time. Therefore it's very important to make it look full and nice. We've already optimized newsfeeds but make sure you're using it at its full capacity. For example, make sure you have "a few things to do" block in place, you can even take it to the top in your network's first few months (e.g. http://screencast.com/t/39WFdslR
  6. Use side blocks to show people content from other parts of your site like photos and videos. Don't exaggerate. Add the ones that are relevant to the context of your network because if you get too many blocks, your page loading time may increase to more than 5 seconds.
  7. It's very important for your members to friend or follow each other so that there's a reason (other than the content) for them to keep coming back. Don’t forget that creating content is expensive, taking time and resources, but social experiences are free. Once members friend each other and socialize on their own, social content will be generated for you organically. Therefore, we recommend that you incentivize members to friend each other from the beginning. This method successfully got LagBook to a million members in less than 2 years: http://groudotps.grou.ps/wiki/item/display-people-to-connect-with-on-your-homepage
  8. To reiterate, your page load speed is very important. Don't worry, as an admin you usually see pages loading more slowly than what your members notice, because we cache things more aggressively for members. Always keep an eye on the speed of your network and you can use pingdom to make sure your pages load under 5 seconds for the most part of the world.
  9. We recommend that even if you use a classic template (templates that don't look like Facebook), it will be beneficial to show notifications and profile picture somewhere on all of your social network pages. If you'd like to do that, check out this article on  http://groudotps.grou.ps/wiki/item/how-to-add-notifications-to-templates-v1
  10. And most importantly, repeat and never give up! Your members won't stick around after your first launch unless you keep them interested and engaged. Keep sending your members emails via mailchimp, along with batch emails containing the top content produced on your network.
If you follow these steps, you'll see that your members start interacting with each other over time and you no longer need to create all the content by yourself. These first steps certainly require the most time and energy you'll ever spend.

Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us from premium support link on your network, as we may not be able to respond to comments here.


Mr.Emre Sokullu, am late to pay for my group but i promise at the middle of december I will pay for my group with VIP plan for one month first as a test. I wish by following this tips I may shine like a heaven light. Good work!!!
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