Announcing Longer Trials & New Price Tiers

Mon 01 Aug 2016 05:49:26 | 62 comments
Effective September 1, 2016, we are introducing a new set of long-term price tiers:

Let's start with the good news. The trials are now 14 days -- 2 weeks. This will give new users ample to experiment with the platform and make their decision.

As for the new price tiers:

Silver will be replaced with the new Basic Plan:
$29.99/month or $199.99/year 

Platinum will be replaced replaced with the new Pro Plan:
$89.99/month or $699.99/year (annual will be grandfathered and the price will increase gradually)

VIP is being replaced with Enterprise
starts at $2400/year (older accounts will be grandfathered and the price will increase gradually)


is this for real !
thats a huge increase,site owners wont be able to afford this.........are these new tiers for people who just start a new group?...how does this affect those who had a group here for years?
My question is we pay more , but will the service be faster when something doesn't work ...For instance ... last week when all the sites went down , and came back , it did come back fairly quickly , however , since then at my site , our video player hasn't worked at all , and i put in 2 fix tickets , and it's been 4 days now , and i'm still waiting for my video player to be fixed ...I'm just sayin
The video player at my site has not been functional since the sites came back ...I have put in 3 fix tickets to no avail , or an answer , and or a fix ...I and my members would like a fix to this
Now it seems a new issue with all the sites I am with have a problem ..New posts don't show up , even though ya get emails saying so ... And videos and pictures sent in fro approval or rejection are don't get posted ....Yep , a new problem arose

I think 200 per month is wayyyy too much to to ask for , given the level of service when there's a glitch to fix ...My friend Evan who owns slurperssmoothboys  can't even get his video page fixed ...what gives ...Ya want more ! 200 per month is close to a car payment

If ya go increasing prices ya should add better and unique features , and of course much faster service
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I agree with the point of view
My question is we pay more , but will the service be faster when something doesn't work ...For instance ... last week when all the sites went down , and came back , it did come back fairly quickly , however , since then at my site , our video player hasn't worked at all , and i put in 2 fix tickets , and it's been 4 days now , and i'm still waiting for my video player to be fixed ...I'm just sayin

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Exactly higher prices and worse service plus the tickets don't get added each month
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