Dear GROU.PS Users,

Holidays are approaching (at least in the US) We would like to announce the days when our customer support team will be offline.
You can still send us e-mails or open tickets but bear in mind, response times may be a bit longer than usual.

Here are the days when live chat will not be offered;

On 22nd and 23rd of November (Thursday and Friday) - all day
On 24th and 25th of December (Monday and Tuesday) - all day
On 31st of December and 1st of January (Monday and Tuesday) - all day

Thank you for your understanding. Happy holidays and new year in advance.
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We understand some of you are upset with our new page limitations and we hear you. The rationale behind this move was to stop the growing number of spam pages on our platform. Unfortunately, a great deal of spammers use our least expensive plans to create link farms on GROU.PS which in turn not only hurts us, but everybody hosting their communities on our platform. When Google notices those spam pages they react and can downgrade all of us- making it impossible for any of us to grow traffic organically.

Solution? It's manual moderation with some automatic spam detection, early alert systems. We have that in place but the manual part is expensive. We have full time employees monitoring unwanted content continuously and with more than 100mb of data created every minute, it's a*****hard job to do!

So before deploying more people to do these tasks, hence increasing the costs of serving you, we wanted to keep things simple and limit the unlimited page creation on small plans, preventing those people from spamming you and us. Now that our moderators are only looking at a smaller portion of groups, we can keep the same high quality service w
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Dear Users,

On September 15th, 2012 GROU.PS launched new payment plan options. If you were on a month to month plan your next statement will reflect the new payment amount based on a Trimonthly plan rate.

We want you to know the reason behind this update as stated below.

The monthly plans have lately been a burden for our small team. The unmanageable credit card fees and inefficiency in the billing and running processes caused by monthly plans have required us to come up with a new option. Starting from Sept 15, we will phase out monthly plans and introduce tri-monthly ones! Although there will be no refund for trimonthly plans, you will be able to cancel at anytime as with the previous month to month plans.

Please also see our blog post regarding this update http://groudotps.grou.ps/blogs/item/new-options-on-plans-extended-trial-periods-and-multiyearly-plans

We made sure our prices are still the best you can find!

If you have any further questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us by using the Need Help button in your admin panels

The GROU.PS Team
Dear Users,

Starting 15 September 2012, our Gold and Platinum users will be able to create unlimited HTML pages in their networks. The Silver Plan users can create 5 and Bronze users can create 2 extra pages only. If you' d like to add your own page, just hit "+" in the applications page in your homepage


Dearest GROU.PS Users,

Our team  has been working continuously and conscientiously on the requests and suggestions coming from you all.
Here are few announcements regarding our additional subscription plans to be released on September 15:

Free Trial period is extended to 10 days!
The trial period will still include full features including the Customer Support and of course no charges!

Bi-annual and Tri-annual Plans to be offered!
Many of you have been with us for quite a long time now. Our users will now have 2-yearly and 3-yearly options and receive a substantial amount of discount. The refund policies will be same for all yearly and multiyearly plans: "You can cancel within the first 45 days, you will be charged only three monthly subscription fees and the remaining amount will be refunded."

Trimonthly Plans launched!
The monthly plans have lately been a burden for our small team. The unmanageable...... [ Read the rest of this story ]
Dear GROU.PS Users,

The summer is almost over in Northern Hemisphere and the warm days are just getting longer in the South Hemisphere. I would like to share a few sites with you today. These websites will provide you great resources if you would like to learn more about HTML/CSS, Web fundamentals and basic web site designs. Do not worry at all if you are new to all this HTML world, the resources are quite helpful for the basic learners too!

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How To Write A Valuable Press Release

Today, I will try to provide tips and tricks on optimizing your press releases and making the most value out of them.

The press releases send traffic to the websites, provide SEO, better ranking in Google and other search engines and let you share the outside world the latest announcements and developments within your company, network and organization.

When you find something that's just too great to pass up, what do you do? Tell your friends and family, of course! Press releases are one of the best “advertising and marketing” promoters you might find.

But there are thousands of press releases published every day. According to a research by HubSpot, there are nearly 50,000 press releases issued each month! So basically there is one pr

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Dear GROU.PS Users,


As the Admin you have several options to call attention to your network and increase visibility resulting in new memberships. You can send out invites using our Invite Tool, import members through our Import/Export Tool, and you can promote your new Social Network by announcing it through other Social Media outlets like Twitter or Facebook.


It is also very important to note that your biggest fans are your new and existing members, who will play a huge role in promoting your network and increasing your site visibility.

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Dear GROU.PS Users,

We are announcing a maintenance scheduled on Thursday July 12 from 5 to 7 am (PDT)

This maintenance is for a technical backup and the general site speed will be increased.

(You can convert the maintenance window into your own time zone here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html)

Thanks for your understanding – the updates and upgrades the team is working on is, as always, intended to improve our platform’s performance and our service to you. To get in touch with us, send an email to plans@groups-inc.com.


How does GROU.PS Customer Support operate?

Dear GROU.PS Users,

Please click above to see the GROU.PS Customer Support Diagram and share it now!


The GROU.PS Team

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