warren We put in the request and they asked for my username and pw so I gave it to them. I keep getting 4 Friend Requests like maybe once a week. They claim it is fixed and it is not. But one of our members found a way to respond to my friend request. He took the poke that I gave him and went to my profile and said it said something (IDK what) but he accepted my request that way. So tell your members to poke them and then go to their corresponding profile and I guess Add as friend? He didn't fully explain it but it worked as it showed up in the newsfeed. It should be like it was before that it showed up on top of the messages and not just give us messages w/o the request. I have to go take a stress pill so excuse me. We pay $90 for this bs>???!!!
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wellsnathan415 I am wondering why my site is offline today ( December 12 - 2016) It is paid in full until April or May of next year ... I would like my site back online please
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wellsnathan415 The other day there was a site wide outage- again ...now none of the sites are acting correctly ...Fix tickets have been put in , and yet even though soon we all will pay more , the service is yet to get better 

It stands to reason that if one charges more for their service , we - the customers must assume service will get better when things don't work 

Comments cannot be posted , friend requests have not worked right in a year now ...we get " phantom " friend requests ...and when ya click the notification , it sends you to incoming pvt messages . ...a year now 

Also with an increase in charges we the customers would like to see updated and new features ( enhanced features )  .. I'm just sayin  c

I hope other site owners read this , as well as the grou.ps owner and comment 

I welcome some comments here ... It's just right that if we have to pay more , well more service and quicker service as well as new features are not too much to ask for
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gabyk83 Please help me to find some adult groups, thanking you before hans, Gaby
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wellsnathan415 I see warrens site is offline again - how ridiculous
wellsnathan415 What I'd like ta know is why we should pay 200 per month when we more than likely will not experience ANY betterment of service ... Ya want  us to pay 200 per month , and for what the same slow and or non existent service !

Maybe if the service changed , and new and unique and better features were added ...it may be slightly more palatable ...

I'm just being honest here .
warren WE are offline because of tickets that most were bugs and counted as tickets even though the Network pages has this:
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Reduan Hello its been year im gone
emre replied to a message on the forum RE: Can I Pay early to avoid trial?.
Hoa Duc Hoang replied to a message on the forum RE: Can I Pay early to avoid trial?.
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wellsnathan415 Well I guess I'm here now ! woohoo !
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