wellsnathan415 The other day there was a site wide outage- again ...now none of the sites are acting correctly ...Fix tickets have been put in , and yet even though soon we all will pay more , the service is yet to get better 

It stands to reason that if one charges more for their service , we - the customers must assume service will get better when things don't work 

Comments cannot be posted , friend requests have not worked right in a year now ...we get " phantom " friend requests ...and when ya click the notification , it sends you to incoming pvt messages . ...a year now 

Also with an increase in charges we the customers would like to see updated and new features ( enhanced features )  .. I'm just sayin  c

I hope other site owners read this , as well as the grou.ps owner and comment 

I welcome some comments here ... It's just right that if we have to pay more , well more service and quicker service as well as new features are not too much to ask for
wellsnathan415 gee , no comments ...wtf ...don't anyone have anything to put in !
4 months ago