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durandcr 10 years ago
i see a search feature in "people" but no where else. is there a group-wide search feature? or an area-specific feature (blogs, wikis etc.)?
Emre Sokullu 10 years ago
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Hi Dan currently we offer module-specific search, but a global search list for each group is in our development pipeline. Thanks,
Ben 10 years ago
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This answers my question also...thanks
Graham Perrin 9 years ago
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Beyond single selection: Are we aiming for: a) comprehensive search (all four of Forums + Members + Blogs + Chats) or b) search a user-defined selection (one, two, three or four (of the four))?
Graham Perrin 9 years ago
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Should we a) notionally increase the count of four (in the screen shot) to five, to include wiki or b) with future in mind, _not_ define any _particular_ number of things that may be searched, may appear in a menu, etc.?
Ben 9 years ago
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I had asked before... could not find throug the search but can we also rename the search fields as we can rename these sections in our admin functions but the search options are only set to match the default settings? I looked through the customized options in html and css but had no luck. Thanks
Calvert Nash 4 years ago
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So 5 years later, we still have a sub-standard search. I thought it was in the development pipeline?
Warren Woywood 4 years ago
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Since my site: www.slurperssmoothhotboys.com is very dependent on videos and I would hope they start there since almost primarily video site is set up for that that it must be easy enough to code. I would like to add that the sort by view count, rating and date was a complete surprise and I am elated that they added that! Since for some reason the system will not let me add any more feature requests though to my knowledge I only have one, I would ask that they also make each member to have their favorites across the board.

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