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Blase Masserant 8 years ago
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On my grou.ps site, all the pages are locked up, reading the following:

Plan Warning: Time's up!

To regain access to burnteam, purchase a plan. If you don't take action now, your members will not be able to continue using your network.

I'm currently using 1.62 Gb storage and 42.63 Mb bandwidth.

I know I'm exceeding the storage allowance of the entry plan, and would have to pay to keep all that data online. If I could, I would remove all the music and photos which are taking up that space until I'm within the 100 Mb storage limit that the entry plan allows, but since my site is freezed up, I have no way of removing the data.

When I go to "Select a Plan", only the Bronze, SIlver and Gold plans are displayed. This is very misleading, as grou.ps has said that it will always maintain a free option.  I know that grou.ps will keep its free entry plan available, but there is no button to select the entry plan, and the entry plan is only listed here: http://grou.ps/groudotps/wiki/item/363232

The site says "Your current plan is "Entry Plan". You can upgrade it in anytime you want."  Though I know I should be free to keep my Entry Plan and am not forced to upgrade, my site is unusable until I upgrade, and the only plans with buttons for selection are the paid plans.

How can I remove the excess data stored on my site to return within the limits of the entry plan and regain access to my site?

Pixie Bavle-Nolin 8 years ago
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I have the same problem and question. I'm over on storage also and have been wanting to go in and remove most of the photos.  I'd like to stay with grou.ps on the free plan until everything starts working correctly. So far nothing has worked smoothly in 6 mos so I'm not willing to pay for it. But I can see grou.ps potential so I can see paying for it in the future.
durandcr 8 years ago
I have the same problem!
I want to keep the entry plan and erase some video and photos but even as an administrator you don't have access to the website anymore so there is no other option than paying.  I can understand that you close the access for the members, but as an administrator you should have access to make a fair choice.
I see now that grou.ps has sent a few mails about the pricing but I didn't receive them because my gmail redirected the mails to the spam box.
For me it's also not clear if you can just pay once for one month or that you have a contract than for a whole year.  I tried to find some information about that but I don't find it.
I ask for a solution to the administrators of grou.ps.  Please give at least the administrators access to their network to give them a fair choice.

durandcr 8 years ago
I have asked just the same question for days, but no answer has been forthcoming.

The point is my pictures have been unavailable for over a week, so I didn't get any chance to take some pictures down and get the site below the 100 MB limit.

The only proper way out is to give us at least one week access to ALL our pictures and videos, so that we can take down those that are least important for our network.

But it looks like the grou.ps team has stopped answering even the most reasonable of questions.

So the simple question is:
How are we supposed to take part of our pictures down, if we couldn't (and still can't) access them? DUH

Pixie Bavle-Nolin 8 years ago
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Danny, I think I read on one of the post, someone was very angry and said that she had paid for one month and still having problems. She told grou.ps that she wants to cancel and her credit card better not be charged after this month.

I guess that means you can do it for 1 month at a time. At this rate, it wouldn't be a good idea to commit to a year because Grou.ps won't be here in a year if they don't fix the problems.
durandcr 8 years ago

I wouldn't even pay for one day.
Because after what I have seen here in the last few weeks I wouldn't trust this company with my creditcard details.
And what about people who don't have or use creditcards?

It is also a matter of principle.
We were told that our site would remain , but members would not be able to upload more pictures or videos if 100 MB is exceeded.
Now we find out that our sites are locked, and they are trying to force us to buy an upgrade, and they are not answering their customer's questions anymore.. The whole grou.ps team must be on a vacation right now.

I am not going to do or pay anything until they finally come out with some clear statement on this question that many of us are asking here:

How we can go to entry plan when our site is currently over 100 MB and has been locked up by your wonderful services?

durandcr 8 years ago
i have suggested the same. just get the ecces fot he only one day, you can read, waht manner t hey are ABLE to fullfill my request.  
you must upgrade...
pay.. and you will allowed.. but, as i can see.--- that is not assured by anything.. as well as everything here befor. the only sure thing here is about asocial social networking, made by GROU.PS

here you can read

As we stated in our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use, your content is yours and our company is not interested in using your content. 

We sent notifications to all group founders and announced our new pricing plan and strategy one week before. Under these circumstances you should have removed your content and network, you still have this chance as well but before that you must upgrade to see the content.


Ismail IZGI
Community Management Lead

to my reply below two days before, no response yet:

are you sure, that it is enough time, 7 days to ask all members, take a decision, make backup of all work, and delete it?
i would like believe, you dont want to misused our photos.. etc.. but for certain reason i would prefer do it, delete, before unsubscribing our group.

so, be so kind. allow me the acces for one day more and i finish our escape from GROU.PS.
i am missing just a couple of artworks to backup. dont want me to pay for that.
your  hurry and press acting is not fair, and in many aspects also out of correct handling with customers. i am pretty sure, giving us more time would not lead to so much misunderstanding and chaos between creators, their members./. etc. and probably many of escapers would stay with you.. 

Pixie Bavle-Nolin 8 years ago
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Danny, I have to admit that I've never trusted them here with anything, especially not my credit card.  I've always felt that their was something fishy about opening a business that nobody seems to know how to run yet they have the ability to read our private  messages and get our info . I'm very concerned about all the terrorists that are in all kinds of places where they can get our info and the names here make me a little creeped out. It's obvious that they really don't want to run a social network platform so what are they really doing?
riorelax 8 years ago
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Hello ,
I have a problem with my grou.p: I can pay, but I don't use credit card.
Can I send a Payment Order by Western Union? How do I do this? Who will be paid?

Send me an e-mail: riorelax@hotmail.com

Rio Relax (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Pete 8 years ago
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we paid with our credit card and still cant access our groups you say that the payment didnot go through this is getting ridicules
Sonja 8 years ago
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Where are the GROU.PS Staff?!?
We can email them but it is better to respond here so everyone can share the answers and help. It's so lot of questions and so few answers.

Sonja 8 years ago
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They want us to help each other, between users.

But what about when it's just GROU.PS who knows what applies in the current situation?

ayadocs 8 years ago
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This is hard to believe:

Up to a few hours ago there was a sticky thread called "entry plan" discussing the lock up of networks due to going over quotas.  There was a number of angry users there, plus some very true information about how grou.ps is mismanaging things.

The whole thread has been deleted! It just disappeared. 

As far as I know only the grou.ps admins could have done that.

This is so pathetic.   They think they can censor the internet!!!

Since I have a copy of part of the thread via email. I am tempted to start a group  of disgruntled grou.ps users suing NING, that way they wont be able to delete a thing!
durandcr 8 years ago
you know.. what is the manner they answering to our anger and complains?

this is post i received in my private box

This is a warning. Critics are welcome, but repetitive, biased and provoking comments/posts won't be tolerated and if you keep posting them, you will be permanently banned from this community.

so..- be aware--. dont play with godness
lord-michael 8 years ago
Please delete all pictures in my Group http://grou.ps/die_burg/home and downgrade it to free plan. I don`t have a Credit Card and i will use the Group as a normal Forum in future. Please don`t tell me that i had enough time to delete the content, there are about 3000 pics to delete and thats a job of a year or more when i have to delete pic after pic in your often very slow System.
durandcr 8 years ago
@ ayadocs and sasa

This tells it all about what kind of company we are dealing with here.

'repetitive and provoking posts won't be tolerated..'
What a joke!
Posts wouldn't be repeated if they were getting any *ANSWER*. Duh

'critics are welcome..'
That's even more hilarious.
Entire threads with critical questions are being deleted, even sticky topics.
And they somehow are telling us that critics are welcome.
Whom are they trying to fool here?

durandcr 8 years ago
Their alexa ranks are steadily dropping since reaching their peaks after a number of Ning networks came over.

There you can also leave your comment about this 'service'

This is interesting too:

"Average Load Time for Grou.ps

Very Slow (3.568 Seconds), 87% of sites are faster."

kiemainc 8 years ago
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durandcr 8 years ago
Blimey... you're all scating on thin ice.

cu - Luzi
Airriel20022000 8 years ago
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I have 5

 ENTRY level FREE sites and ..THREE OF THEM are now BLOCKED unless i upgrade?
what is BIZARRE is none of them are exceeding any DATA or Broadband ..etc..

so could you contact me on this..

www.grou.ps/forwomenonly  (http://grou.ps/forwomenonly/private_groups_warning)


  this ONE has NOTHING on it but a background and a header. ( http://grou.ps/lookwithinenterprises/private_groups_warning )
no data AT ALL on this ONE ........zip.........so this SHOULD BE FREE and able to ACCESS it????

oh and this ONE ..is my TEST site it has NOTHING ON it either ?????  no DATA  zip  ( http://grou.ps/rmsimone/private_groups_warning)  this SHOULD BE FREE..

and this ONE again ..ONE page and just modules...NO DATA or anything ..ONE page...( http://grou.ps/sacredgatherings/private_groups_warning) .

GET back to me..........................these ALL SHOULD BE THE PROMISED FREE PAGE..site.......

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