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Roberta Davenport 7 years ago
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Hello, and welcome to the GROU.PS Founders Network!


We’ve made some changes to our Customer Support system recently – here’s what you should know:


Go ahead and add the following site to your bookmarks: support.groups-inc.com. This is your new starting point for getting in touch with our Customer Support Specialists. By signing up and logging into this center, you can submit a new support request, view updates on your current requests and access your history of support requests by using the menu at the top of this screen.


To help us address your problem as efficiently and quickly as possible, please provide as much detail as you can about your problem or question – there’s no such thing as too much detail! These are all things that will help us provide better service to you. If you’d like, you can even submit attachments (like screenshots) when submitting in a request for support. See more about submitting bug reports later on in this post.


You should use the ‘Submit a Request’ link to:


  • File a bug report
  • Make any inquiries concerning billing, payments, receipts or subscription plans
  • Ask general questions about using GROU.PS that haven’t been answered anywhere in these forums or on the GROU.PS Wiki (located at http://grou.ps/groudotps/wiki


Over the next few months, we’ll gradually be creating a guide document to make it easier than ever before to use GROU.PS, in addition to adding an extensive FAQ section. Stay tuned, and please be patient, as we’re still working on changes and improvements to make your user experience at GROU.PS the best possible.


Questions regarding payment, billing, receipts or subscription plans should be addressed to sales [at] groups-inc.com.


For faster responses:


Please check out our FAQ page: http://grou.ps/groudotps/wiki/30902. Then, search the Founders’ Network forum (http://grou.ps/groudotps/talks/c0) to see if your question has already been answered.


Searching is easy; just type your query into the box at the bottom of the Forum page. Checking out the existing conversations on your issue will allow us to spend more time implementing your feature requests and fixing bugs. 


If you’re reporting a bug: Bug reports should be submitted to plans [at] groups-inc.com.


If you’re encountering multiple bugs, it’s best to submit your bug reports one by one – this helps us in prioritizing, and ensures you’ll get updates on the progress of each specific bug. When submitting a bug report, please remember to include:


  • Please include an expressive, specific title to head your message. For example, the title “Please help!” would be a lot more helpful if it included a bit of detail – such as “Need help with broken ‘view all photos’ option.”
  • Group address (like http://grou.ps/YOURGROUPNAME). If you’re using a custom domain, please include that as well. Remember, if you’re the admin for multiple groups, we need to know which of your groups the problem is occurring with.
  • Your profile id and the ids of the member(s) running into the problem. (The complex one, i.e., nznicqygcjwvuitlq)
  • Details on the problem. What did you do and what happened?
  • Is it happening just to you or to all the group’s members? This is important.
  • Does the problem happen sometimes or always? This is very important.
  • Operating system (like Windows XP, Mac OS X Leopard, Linux Fedora 7) 
  • Browser (like Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.0.0, Safari 3, Chrome) 

If you do not specify these details, the response/solution to your bug report may be delayed considerably.
 This information helps us solve problems faster.

Thanks for your understanding.


GROU.PS Customer Support

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