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Roberta Davenport 8 years ago
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Hey Everyone,

This is the Introductions thread -- introduce yourself and your group if you'd like to the other founders out here.


Roberta (Customer Support)
durandcr 8 years ago
Hi, I just created a croup called Pariahsville which I was hoping would be an alternative social network to F******k for misfits and weirdos. Having a lot of trouble however with technical glitches and the like, which is why I joined up here.


durandcr 8 years ago
Hey everybody,

I'm Amy. Joined up a couple of weeks ago, and so far enjoying the system. I'm using GROUPS as a blog initially because I hope that in the future it'll be easier to direct community interaction.

Nice to meet you all

Fansy Array 8 years ago
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just a kid of facebook here :

Claude 7 years ago
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Just wanted to introduce ourselves.
We're the Subaquatic Society of Canada. You can find us here: www.subaquaticsociety.ca.
We came on the grou.ps platform after analysing other similar ones. The wiki feature was a big plus.
I'm surprised at the lack of activity on this forum however.
We're coming across a lot of issues (most are minor irritants) and finding that the documentation is not complete enough.

Look forward to chatting some more.

Rafal Mly 7 years ago
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Hello Everyone

I would like to introduce my group, the name is Work From Home Network, it is online community for like minded people which are interested in Work From Home and Home Based Business topics. We share ideas and tips about how to start home based business, how to improve your current online business and other info related to online marketing, advertising, SEO, webmastering, social networking, blogging and more http://www.workfromhomenetwork.biz
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We are a India based organization committed to spreading awareness on the power of the self, mind and consciousness.  We are currently exploring the possibilities of starting our movement in all parts of the world, as part of our efforts to reach out to individuals from all walks of life..  

We do so by offering a variety of different holistic modalities for an individual to chose from. Our services include empowerment workshops, meditations, training programs, holistic retail and much more. Along with the individual, we cater to a variety of different groups including corporations, educational Institutes and more recently luxury spas.

We also organize Meditation Camps and Spiritual Retreats, Courses on Reiki, EFT, NLP, Meditation, Mind Power, Theta Healing, Karuna Reiki, Quantum Touch, Cranio Sacral Balancing, ReBirthing, Tarot, Feng-Shui, I-Ching, Vastu, Aromacology, Energy Healing, Ayurveda and other Alternative Healing Methods. 
durandcr 7 years ago
HI there,

I just hooked up with Grou.ps this week. I'm in the process of transferring my existing site from the*****platform to here.

My current site is probably one of the most comprehensive resources in the world for information, help and support for all aspects of Liver Disease. The heart of my site is a Wiki which contains hundreds of articles available to the public  and I also have an active membership. 

My site (here) is http://livingwithliverdisea.grou.ps/ but as soon as the transition is complete (next week?) the existing domain http://cnlc.us/ will become the active address.

I'm very impressed with Grou.ps so far. The Facebook look and feel is a great idea and the Wiki plus it's tags are amazing for finding articles.


Shirin Remanan 7 years ago
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Hi All,

We were searching for a social networking platform  to build a network of our old friends. in fact we created a network in another platform too. quite unexpectedly one of my friend came with a proposal for grou.ps , everyone got impressed with the looks and performance of grou.ps, and migrated from that network to grou.ps.  And of course, price also an attractive factor for us.

Thanks for providing such a wonderful service with a nominal service charge.

myfishingprofile 7 years ago
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Hello everyone made a group call My Fishing Profile For the Fishermen In you!! Hope to learn a lot from your experience!
hotdee13milf 6 years ago
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I am Amazed, This has no equal
Llynn Taylor 5 years ago
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Hi, We are launching a suite of Television Networks as well as Online and Mobile sites, targeting Africa...We have launched www.myAfricaBuzzSpace.com as a Social Network that supports the various Networks...See: www.myAfricaGlobalTeleVision.com

Hope to hear from you and get Ideas as to how we can build this network.


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