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Alt. 5 years ago
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So, I've been trying to figure this out. I DO NOT WANT A CNAME. Why is it even asking me for a CNAME?
I didn't need it, nor do I want one. I rather just keep the same URL.
I have a domain and a subdomain I can use but it's a hassle to even bother with. In FACT, I used it last night and waited 12+ hours to see if it would load and set up and nothing worked.

CAN someone, ANYONE, tell me how the hell to by pass this?!

PLEASE!? Thanks.
floyd 5 years ago
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its a new domain u have to buy a new one for $9 i know its a pain
Alt. 5 years ago
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When was this required!?

Calvert Nash 5 years ago
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I'm also having this issue. I already own a domain name and it won't let me use it. After spending a lot of money on this software yesterday, suddenly I can't use it? I could use the site and features perfectly yesterday.
Jennifer Lewis 5 years ago
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We are sorry to hear of the CNAME Warning  you had encountered when setting up your network. This warning will appear if you have selected the Adult Content option under your Admin Tools---> Settings---> Advanced Settings Tab or if you had selected the category Romance/Adult when signing up. We require that a custom domain name is purchased for adult networks but if this is not the case please contact our customer support department through your "Need Help?" icon at the top right of your Admin Toolbar and we would be happy to reset your category and remove the CNAME warning for you.

We apologize for any inconvenience and would be happy to help with the removal of the warning or setup of your custom domain name.


The GROU.PS Team

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