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Matt 5 years ago
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I am looking for some help understanding how the paywall works from any group founders that are currently or previously using it on their group. I would be greatly appreciative if someone could give me a little guidance before I lose my marbles altogether.



warren 5 years ago
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Peter before you lose your marbles?My friend you lost them months ago lol.The problem is that like I told you better to use your own tools than theirs like it says Emru says their mail system stinks so use mailchimp.I have googled things to make money on the adult websites and I suggest you do that as well.See you back home.
Rey So-ong 5 years ago
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I love your website. wanna make one like yours. 
Matt 4 years ago
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Thank you Rey, I am glad you stopped by to visit. Next time you do give me a poke and hopefully we can chat.
I am glad we are friends now, hope you are too.

Stay Safe,
Matt 4 years ago
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Hey there Warren,

I need to put a GPS on you, I keep finding your messages everywhere I go (grin). I dunno what we are gonna do to keep our sites up and running. It's like shoveling POO against the tide.. (sigh)

See you on the flip side,

Matt 4 years ago
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I am a groups platinum customer for 4 years now. Always paid my bills and now I hear that grou.ps is going out of business. I haven't received any of the funds my members have been paying through my paywall since 6/15/14. How is this possible? Well that is the million dollar question. Every inquiry I have made goes unanswered as if I will just go away and stop asking. Are there any other founders with paywall's experiencing problems like mine? I am planning a trip to Palo Verde so I can stop by the office and sort this whole thing out. I also have an appointment with an attorney scheduled in the event this isn't resolved. I hope it will be though as I have spent so much time, effort and energy writing emails which don't get answered. Anyone can contact me at str8but2007@yahoo.com. I would be very pleased to hear from you.
warren 4 years ago
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Haven't heard from the central admin closings yet so keep your fingers crossed and do not fret. We continue onward and upwards sort of lol

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