Calvert Nash 5 years ago
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Hi there, 
paid for the VIP package yesterday, some settings were changed and now I get this message on every page I try to access on my group.

"Plan Warning

To restore access to your network, please purchase a custom domain name or set up a CNAME record for your existing domain name."

I didn't have this problem until the adult content settings were changed. We don't promote adult content but we were getting to grips with the software and naturally, different settings were tested.
Could anyone provide any help with this? It would be much appreciated.

Calvert Nash 5 years ago
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Also, when I try to enter my custom domain, it tells me that there's an error. I know my own domain name and it asks me if I'm sure it's set up correctly. Yes it is.

Not happy
Jennifer Lewis 5 years ago
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We are sorry to hear of the CNAME Warning  you had encountered when setting up your network. This warning will appear if you have selected the Adult Content option under your Admin Tools---> Settings---> Advanced Settings Tab or if you had selected the category Romance/Adult when signing up. We require that a custom domain name is purchased for adult networks but if this is not the case please contact our customer support department through your "Need Help?" icon at the top right of your Admin Toolbar and we would be happy to reset your category and remove the CNAME warning for you.

Please be sure to create a CNAME record for your custom domain name and point it to "grou.ps". Once this has been created you can then enter your custom domain name into our platform under Tools---> Custom Domains.

We apologize for any inconvenience and would be happy to help with the removal of the warning or setup of your custom domain name.


The GROU.PS Team

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