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warren 3 years ago
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I have put in a request to fix our home page months ago as one of the boxes had a bunch of code in it and inadvertently it must have changed when I went in the box to change our August September MOTM. When I originally set up the box, it had nothing but my Member of the Month html code to display it and a couple times before when I changed the update I noticed a bunch of code which who knows how it got there. I am trying to get in the box to edit or totally x it out and it won't let me. Does anyone know how I can reset the home page as it doesn't display the newsfeed nor other boxes though those are checked to be on it and part of the page doesn't function like the chat and the birthday box. I am tired of waiting for tech support as they have done nothing to help us. So how do I RESET the home page back to its former self?
Reduan 3 years ago
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Go to http://grou.ps/home/dashboard/groups
i think u can reset from there 

Ana Massien 3 years ago
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  You can go to Tools> Look and Feel and you should be able to pick a new template and save. It will sometimes auto correct the page, then you can restore your old layout from template history. That should work. If not send me a screenshot of your template and I will take a look.
warren 3 years ago
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I had tried all the above that you guys mentioned. It had to do with the code set up in that one block and it took them months to straighten it out but all is good now

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