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Ana Massien 3 years ago
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  I created my site in september 2015, so I have already had a trial. I went back in to pay my bill at the end of october, and thought it had gone through, and It was paid. But it put me back on trial. I started contacting sales@grou.ps-inc.com which did not go through, so I had to go thru Twitter. Maria said I had to go thru the trial again, she did not understand I had already had a trial and I just wanted to go ahead and pay my bill.

I looked for sales chat on site, but it is gone due to grou.ps now also being gymgroups. I also looked there. Nothing to which to help and I can not afford Platnuim plans by the tri month but could BY the month but there are no monthly plans on grou.ps even tho the pricing page says otherwise.

Please. All I want to do is pay for my site. Help. I picked the silver quarterly plan.

Please contact me here or via profile or email at strigoicommunity@yahoo.com please. My Trial is over on the 7th but payment will not try to collect until the 9th. I would like to pay now.
durandcr 31 months ago
Ana what's your group url?

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