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Ana Massien 3 years ago
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  I have a question - if you can create funds and have members pay by paypal, how does this help you with your grou.ps site if grou.ps does not accept Paypal payment from your paypal account?

 Can Grou.ps soon allow auto payment from paypal? If you had an address for paypal, more members could pay for monthly, yearly and or quarterly payment without it being a wait or a hassle for those who like to auto pay and get payment out of the way.

 Like for instance, people had a trial and now want to pay and go into pay and are put on another trial (Fix this) and allow people to pay for their bill/site.

I had a site with ning once and I wrote in and asked if I could quit trial and go ahead and pay. The tech said I had to have the trial so she moved my payment date to the end of the month, when I get paid. But now I just want to pay and can't pay and tech support here is of no use. You think
if people wanted to pay early and stop their trial you would let them.

Wall.fm allowed this but no longer allow new sites.

Spruz also allows this, but grou.ps is faster and has more modules than spruz, other than chat rooms. I have a*****also.

Also is it possible that grou.ps could take a monthly plan rather than tri monthly? I would love plat plan but can't afford it three months at a time.
warren 3 years ago
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I pay with my business PAYPAL debit card and it goes through every time. I set up a PayPal button on my site for donations and some have helped me out that way. So, go to PAYPAL and request a business debit card and pay that way.

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