Starting GROU.PS: Modules, Blocks and General Overview

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thanks mate
I need help...I was in Admin mode and I clicked Wizard...got to step 4 and the group locked down. I can't get back to the group.


Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
try going in facebook sign up my site is http://18up.grou.ps/home
hope that helps
i,m try...from this group
Please I tried to include Google AdManager to my site and my site is now totally blank, Please administrators help me restore it. Thanks or any1 hu has info on how I can restore it. If I go to my site www.theimongo.com Nothing shows. Please help me.
thank you firend.
The mobile check-in is not available... I was told that the features will be available if i upgrade from gold to platinum but it's not there. When will the bug fixed be ready?
help me!!!!!!!!
Maps is missing, still can't access mobile apps, privacy not working. I NEED HELP!!
So I signed up for a free trial and also selected the VIP package for my group. Once I confirmed the email and logged into my group it brought me to a page saying my group was abandoned and I could claim it for 6.95 a month. I sent a support ticket and was told the sign up didn't work, and to create a new group. I have tried this and it says my group name is already in use, my group also shows up in my dashboard but I can't do anything with it. If I get charged 179.95 for a group I can' even access I'm going be severely upset. It would be nice to get a response to the email I sent back to customer support two days ago regarding this issue. Thank you! Btw my group name is dasuplayground.grou.ps
Hello, I think I open still not active sites opening this week ?


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