Setting up and Using Activity Ranks

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That was very informative ..... thanks a lot .... I'm going to try that ....
this page http://wwwfacealba.grou.ps is deleted Update status how can I return again ?
Omer very good explanation, I have a question is there any way to put to 0 the rank?
Go to tools at the top of the home page ...

then to Activity Rank ...

You can change any ranking you want

from 0 to 5 ...

Hope this helps ...
Jerom Thanks for answering.
I explained well.
forgive my English.
I want to put to 0 points for all members.
Pls i upgrade my site or group to Silver and choose .com yesterday but since then my site is unavaliable, pls what can i do? The site url is www.mapolypingger.com FORMALLY
www.mapolypingger.grou.ps but now the both url is reply site unavaliable
what can i do
How to disable all together ?
Probably set everything to Zero jenniebell ... just saying


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