In the News

In the News
TechCrunch GROU.PS Buys Social Project From MTV Networks
TechCrunch It's A WinWin, Grou.ps Launches Referral Program For Ning Exiles
TechCrunch Grou.ps And Grouply Welcome Ning Refugees
Washington Post Grou.ps And Grouply Welcome Ning Refugees
TechCrunch DIY Social Network Platform GROU.PS Now Syncs With Yahoo Groups

TechCrunch GROU.PS DIY Social Network Platform Reaches 2 Million Users, Becomes More Customizable
VentureBeat Grou.ps lets publishers customize discussion groups with wikis, calendars, and more
ReadWriteWeb Magic Beans Grow Portable Social Networks
CBS News Grou.ps Adds $1 Million In Funding For DIY Social Networks
TechCrunch GROU.PS Finds $1 Million For DIY Social Network Platform
VentureBeat Grou.ps comes together with funding, business models
TechCrunch DIY Social Network GROU.PS Adds Ranking System To Assign Privileges To Contributors

CBS News Grou.ps Raises $1.1 Million First Round For Social Networking Tools
TechCrunch Grou.ps Pulls in $1.1 Million, Opens Up Code To Take On Ning
ReadWriteWeb Grou.ps Launches Public Beta
VentureBeat Social group web services company Grou.ps raises $1.1M
ReadWriteWeb Grou.ps Raises $1.1 Million And Goes Open Source
GIGAOM Grou.ps Wants to Enable Your Team's Collaboration
VentureBeat PS: Grou.ps, another way for groups to collaborate online
TechCrunch Grou.ps: All Your Collaboration Tools In One Place

ReadWriteWeb Top Web Apps in Turkey

TechCrunch Interview with Emre Sokullu of Grou.ps

KRON 4 Emre Sokullu was invited to be a speaker at the DefragCon 2010.
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