Drop Down Menu Guide

Drop Down Menu Guide


This help guide will walk you through the process of creating drop-down menus in your group navigation bar. Why? Because it’ll organize your content effectively without cluttering up your group’s design and layout.

You can use drop-down menus to switch around the placement of any of the pages on your site. In this example, we’re going to set up a ‘More’ tab that will direct users to information that we want them to be able to reach from the navigation bar – but without all these extra pages taking up a lot of space.

1. To get started, click on Pages in your admin panel at the top of the page. Since we want to add a new page that we’ll call ‘More’ to serve as a tab, we’re going to click on ‘Add New Page’ :

2. Next, we’re clicking on ‘Static Page’ to create our ‘More’ tab. We’ll name it and make it visible to everyone (these settings can be changed later at any time):

3. After adding the page, we’ll check to make sure it’s visible in our navigation menu:

4. You can drag and drop any pages/modules under the More page – it’s simple:

5. That’s it, we’re done! We now have a ‘More’ Tab – a drop-down menu that enables our members to get where we want them to go in an organized and efficient manner.

6. We can also edit the More page itself and manually add links to the other pages, so if our users click on ‘More’ instead of one of the sub-menus, they can still find what they’re looking for: