Using the Forum module

Using the Forum module

This help guide will walk you through the process of setting up and administering discussion forums in your group.

Availability: All plans

1. First things first: Navigate to your group!

2. If you haven’t already, add the forum module by clicking on the plus sign to add a new page. Click on Modules, and then on Standard Modules; that’s where you’ll find the Forum module.

3.Select ‘Forum’ and then click on ‘Submit’:

4. It’s time to start posting! You should now see the Forum tab in your group’s navigation bar. Click on Post Message to start a new discussion thread in your forum:

5. Start a discussion on any topic…global warming, for example. After you’ve done this, hit ‘Submit’:

6. Your discussion has begun!:

7. The members of your group can now share their views and knowledge on the topic by replying to the post:

…But wait, there’s more! There are some advanced options in the Forum module that you’ll probably want to check out. To set permissions (such as determining which members can only read, and which can both read and edit content), you should visit the administration panel for the Forum module.

This is how it goes:

1. Click on ‘Administer This Module’ from your Forum page:

2. This will bring you to the ‘Talks’ page, where you can adjust settings such as email notifications for the Forum:

Tips and Tricks:

Alternatively, to reach the forum administration page you can click on the ‘Pages’ tab of your administration module at any time, and then click on Administer next to ‘Forum’:

Clicking on ‘Administer’ next to Forum will take you to the same Talks page that enables you to adjust your administrative settings for the forum: