Using the Blogs Module

Using the Blogs Module

Using the Blogs Module

This help guide will walk you through the process of blogging from your GROU.PS community, and adding blogs to the RSS feed for your group.

Availability: All Plans

Blogging from your GROU.PS community:

  1. Let's start from the very beginning. I'm going to add the blog module to my group. First, I'll click on the plus sign to add a new page:  
  2. Navigate to Modules, and then select Blogs under the Standard Modules Menu. Click Submit:                                       
  3. Next, I'll get started blogging! First, I'll write a blog of my own. I'll click on Add Blog:         
  4. I'll click on New Entry to write my own blog:  
  5. After I finish composing my entry, I'll click on Submit, and then wait a couple of minutes:                                                      
  6. That's it, my blog entry has been posted!  
  7. Next, I'd like to add an external blog to my RSS feed. So I'm going to click again on Add Blog, but this time I'll select RSS Feed instead:  
  8. Type in the URL for the feed, and then click Submit:  
  9. There we go, I've added a new blog! The next time this blog is updated, it'll post automatically to the Blogs section of my group as well:  

Administering the Blogs Module:

Since writing blogs is just one part of the module, let's take a look at our administration options for this module:

  1. Click on Administer This Module at the top of the Blogs page (or, you can click on Pages in the same admin menu at any time, and click 'Administer' next to Blogs):  
  2. Here, you can modify important settings, like email – I don't want to worry about unwanted email in my group, especially if I plan on having many members; so I'm preventing the option of emailing each blog out. Also privacy settings can be managed here. Do you want anyone on the Internet to be able to read the blogs on your site, or would you like them to be private? If your members can add blog content, would you like to be able to moderate these additions before they go live?                  
  3. After completing the adjustments to your administrative settings for the Blogs module, click Submit: