Using the Files Module

Using the Files Module

Using the Files Module

This help guide will walk you through the process of setting up the Files module in your group, taking your community's collaborative functionality to the next level!

Availability: All Plans

  1. To begin, click on the plus sign to add a new page:                      
  2. Select Modules, and then Files under the Standard Modules Tab:                         
  3. You've now added the Files module to your group! Get started by uploading a file:   
  4. Click on Browse to locate the desired file on your computer. Enter a title for the file that your users will be able to download; then click Upload. This might take a while, so be patient:                                                                                       
  5. Success! You've just posted a file that your members can download and comment on:   

As a group admin, you may want to modify the way the files you've uploaded can be shared and edited:

  1. To access the administrative options for the Files module, click on 'Administer this Module' while on the Files page:                                                    
  2. Adjust the settings for Files page accessibility and authorization:                           
  3. You can also reach the Files administration page by clicking on Pages in your admin menu and then clicking on 'Administer' next to the Files module: