Setting Up Google Analytics

Setting Up Google Analytics


 This help guide will walk you through the steps necessary to set up Google Analytics for your group.

  1.First, you’ll need to visit the Google Analytics site: https://www.google.com/analytics/

  2.Create an account, and add a new site to your account, follow the steps provided by Google:

   3.After logging in to Google Analytics, click on ‘Add Website Profiles’:


   4.Fill in your group’s URL, and click ‘Finish’:


5. After that, you’ll get your Google Analytics code:

  6. Now, copy the web property ID -- you don’t need to change the javascript code above it. Then return to your GROU.PS page.

  7. Click on ‘Settings’ in your Admin panel, and then click on ‘Statistics’ and the ‘Google Analytics’ tab:

8. Paste the code that you copied from Google Analytics into the Google Analytics Code field, then click Submit.

9. Now, if you see the confirmation message below, go back to Google Analytics:

 10. Click on view report.

11. It’s ready to go now – you can view your dashboard and track your site’s statistics!