Using the Subgroups Module

Using the Subgroups Module
This guide is designed to help you through the process of setting up subgroups within your GROU.PS community, a helpful tool in both increasing user engagement and honing the focus of member activities within your group.

Availability: All Plans

1. We'll begin by activating the subgroups module for our group -- just click on the plus sign to add a new page, click on Modules and then select Subgroups from the Standard Modules tab:                                                                                           

2. You'll see that a 'Groups' tab has been added to your navigation bar. To get started with this new module, click on Create Group:                                            

3. Create a title and a description for a new subgroup within your community, and make a decision about whether membership in this subgroup will be moderated or not:    

4. You now have a new subgroup, complete with its own discussion forum, wall, and more: 

5. To modify further administrative options for the Subgroups module, click on Administer this Module at the top of the screen:                                                   

6. You can adjust the settings for the module here, and make decisions about who can see the content in subgroups, which modules will be part of the group, and so forth:       

7. You can also access the administrative options for this module by clicking on the Pages section of the admin panel at any time, and then clicking on Administer next to Subgroups: