Using the Videos Module

Using the Videos Module
This help guide will show you how to upload your own videos to your GROU.PS site and share videos from other places on the net by activating and setting up the Videos module.

Availability: All Plans

1. First things first. Let's activate the Videos module by clicking on the plus sign to add a new page, and selecting Modules and then Videos under the Standard Modules tab:        

2. Next, let's share our first video. Click on Upload Video:                                   

3. We'll start by uploading our own video from the computer, so click on that tab:  

4. Click on Select a Video file to find the file on your computer that you'd like to share:  

5. After we've found our file, we'll fill in some information about the video; a title, and tags. (If you're not able to locate your file successfully, try the traditional uploader at the bottom.) Then, click Upload:                                              

6. And now, we wait, and watch the upload progress bar. This speed will depend on your file's size and the speed of your Internet connection:                                    

7. Don't worry, it'll progress =) :    

8. When the upload process is complete, you'll see the info for the video (title, a permalink, etc.), but it'll take a few more minutes to encode the file. While we wait, let's share another video by clicking again on Upload Video to the upper right:           

9. This time, we'll opt to share a video that's already available on the Internet, in this case on YouTube:                                                                                            

10. Just paste the link to the video, a title and tags, and then click Share:            

11. Since you've embedded this video, it appears and begins playing immediately. Next, let's click on the Videos tab in our navigation bar to check on the status of the video that was being encoded:                                                                      

12. Click on the camera to view the video:                                                    

13. The video's encoding is complete; but let's click on edit so that we can change that boring default camera picture to something unique:                                  

14. We'll select a thumbnail to upload from our computer, by clicking on choose file. After you've picked your file, click Submit:                                                           

15. You'll get a status update on your screen:                       

16. After the status update, the page will refresh once the modifications have been applied fully. Let's click on the Videos tab in our nav bar again to see the changes:     

17. Success! Our new thumbnail is in place, and lookin' fly:                               

18. Next, we'll scroll up and click on Administer this Module to take a look at our administrative options for the Videos module:                                              

19. Here, we can modify the options for how the module will work in our group, and how our group's members will be able to use it:                                              

20. After making changes, click Submit:                                   

21. You can also access the admin options for the Videos module by clicking on Pages in the admin menu: