DNS Masking How-to

DNS Masking How-to

Please make sure that your domain provider supports CNAME setting before buying a domain.

By default, all of your groups pages have URLs that start with http://grou.ps/ (example: http://grou.ps/foodnet)

DNS masking lets you customize this portion of the URL so that the pages appear to be located within your own domain name (even though they’re still hosted by us)

With DNS Masking activated, you’ll be able to make the above URL look like either of the below examples, where "domain.com" is your own domain name:

Example 1- With a Subdomain

Example 2- No Subdomain 

You can activate DNS masking as follows:

  1. Buy a domain name from a registrar like GoDaddy.com 
  2. Decide whether to use a subdomain.

    If you're integrating GROU.PS into an existing website that already lives on its own domain (e.g., "domain.com"), your best bet is to create a subdomain of this domain (e.g., "community.domain.com") for your GROU.PS powered pages. On the other hand, if you’re building a site that is comprised exclusively of GROU.PS powered pages, it may make sense to use no subdomain.

  3. Create a CNAME record that points your domain or subdomain to grou.ps.

    A CNAME record is a server setting that sets things up so that requests made to one domain are actually fulfilled by another domain. In this case, you need to CNAME “community.domain.com” (or whatever you picked in Step 2) to grou.ps. Every registrar has a different process to set up a CNAME record, so return to the site in which you bought your domain in Step 1 and look for the administrative control panel. In Yahoo, you can configure CNAME records under Advanced DNS Settings in DNS Control Panel. In GoDaddy, it's called DNS Manager. For help making this setting on most popular DNS hosts, check out this article from Google. You can follow these directions to make your setting; just make sure to CNAME to "grou.ps", not "ghs.google.com". If you still can't figure it out, please contact your registrar directly.

  4. Log into your Group Admin Panel.
  5. Browse to Custom Domains.
  6. Enter the domain or subdomain that you picked in Step 2. This should be something like "domain.com" or "community.domain.com".
  7. Submit the form.

It may take up to 1 day for these settings to make their way to all of the servers involved.

Once they do, the URLs of your GROU.PS powered pages will begin with your chosen domain or subdomain. If you've created any links to your GROU.PS powered pages with the default grou.ps URLs, make sure to change these to your new masked URLs.

true --> yourdomainname CNAME grou.ps
false --> yourdomainname CNAME groupname.grou.ps

Added Screenshots to demonstrate- please note this is specific to GoDaddy and may be different for other applications:

Setting it this way works with or without "www."

When you forward your godaddy domain (the one you purchased) example 123456789.com. forward it to www.123456789.com IMPORTANT (forward without masking)

P.S: Thanks to Jay for screenshots and additional information