Using the Wiki Module

Using the Wiki Module
This help guide provides a brief introduction to the setup and management of the Wiki module, allowing you to create an organized resource hub for your group.

Availability: All Plans

1. Activate the Wiki module for your group by clicking on the plus sign to add a new page. Click on Modules and then select Wiki under the Standard Modules tab. Click Submit:       

2. The Wiki module is now a part of your group! Click on Create Page to start filling it up:

3. Select a template for the page (or use the blank template) and fill in the title and other information and complete your page:                                                                                                                                                                              

4. Your page has been created, and your members can comment on it:          

5. Click on Administer this Module to access the admin options for Wiki:                

6. There are some very important decisions you have to make as an admin about how the Wiki can be used. Will it be editable by all of your users, or just admins? Who can view it, or edit categories?                                                                                

7. To create and edit the categories in your Wiki to keep the module organized, click on Manage Categories:                                                                       

8. Since we don't have any categories, let's create a new one:                              

9. Type in the title of the category and click Add:                                          

10. Now, when we add a new page to the Wiki, we have the option of adding the entry under a specific category (you can also edit old posts to organize them under new categories):                                                                                                     

11. You can also access the admin options for the Wiki at any time by clicking on the Pages section of your admin panel: