Using GROU.PS on Smart Phones

Using GROU.PS on Smart Phones


This help guide will walk you through the process of setting up your GROU.PS Mobile App so your members can access your site on-the-go from their smart phones!

Availability: Gold, Trial Gold plans

1. To begin using your very own GROU.PS mobile app (currently available for the Android and BlackBerry operating systems -- iPhone app coming soon), first click on 'Tools' in the top right corner of your admin bar.

2. Now that you're in the tools menu, click on 'Mobile Apps' to begin the process to generate your group's applications.

3. You might have to wait up to five minutes for the generation of your mobile application to complete.

4. Hit refresh, or navigate to 'Mobile Apps' again. You should see the links for your group's applications now. Navigate to this link from your smart phone's Internet browser, and there you go -- your GROU.PS page can now be accessed and used anytime, anywhere.

5. Distribute the link among your group's members, so they can go mobile, too!!