Using the Links Module

Using the Links Module

Using the Links Module

This help guide will walk you through the process of setting up the Links module in your group, adding links and modifying the administrative options for this feature.

Availability: All Plans

  1. Let's take it from the top: Click on the plus sign to add a new page:                           
  2. Select Modules, and then Links under the Standard Modules Tab:                              
  3. The Links page has now been added to your group! Let's go ahead and add a link:   
  4. Enter a title for the link you're about to share, and a brief description of what the link will redirect your users to. What's so great about this link? Then enter the URL (address) of the link you're about to share, and click submit:                                  
  5. Success! You've just shared a link on the Links page for all of your members to access: 

There's more to it than this, however. As a group admin, there are some more decisions you have to make about how your Links module will work.

  1. To access the administrative options for the Links module, click on 'Administer this Module' while on the Links page. UPDATE: "Administer This Module" has been replaced by "Manage Current Module" which is a link that can be found at the bottom left when you mouse over your Admin Tools link within the black Admin Tool bar at the top right of your page.:                                                                         
  2. Adjust the settings for Links page accessibility, editing authority, and more:           
  3. You can also reach the Links administration page by clicking on Pages in your admin menu and then clicking on 'Administer' next to the Links module: