Using the Photos Module

Using the Photos Module
This help guide will walk you through the setup and administration of the Photos module, which will enable you and your group's members to share images and graphics in albums.

Availability: All plans

1. If you haven't already, add the Photos module to your group by clicking on the plus sign to add a new page; select Modules, and then Photos under the Standard Modules tab:         

2. The Photos module is now a part of your group! To get started, simply click on 'Add Photo'. Click on 'Browse' to locate the file you want to upload on your computer. Add a caption and tags if you'd like, then click upload and wait for your file to be transferred:     

3. Success! You've now added your first picture to the default album in Photos. You now have the option to edit this album, or create a new one:                                               

4. If you click on a picture in the album, you'll be able to see its info, and add more pictures to the same album:                                                                                 

5. By clicking on 'Administer this Module' while in the Photos section of your group, you can access the administrative options for Photos:                                                    

6. Make the necessary modifications to the admin settings for Photos:               

7. You can also click on 'Administer' next to Photos under the Pages section of your admin panel to administrate the Photos module at any time: