Using the Chat Module

Using the Chat Module
This help guide will walk you through the process of setting up and administrating the Chat module in your group, enabling members of your group to chat with each other in a group-wide setting, no matter whether they're accessing your group from their computers or their smart phones!

Availability: All Plans

1. If you haven't already, activate the Chat feature in your group by clicking on the plus sign to add a new page, then clicking on Modules and finally 'Chat' under the Standard Modules tab:                                                         

2. Once the chat module has been added, you'll see two changes: a link to the Chat page in your navigation bar, and a chat tab in the bottom left of your screen:      

3. That's it, your members can now chat in your group. But there's a bit more that you can do as an admin; click on Administer this Module while on the chat page to access this feature's settings:                                           

4. There's a single setting here: Chat history. If you enable it, the history of the chat will remain displayed (unless you, the admin, choose to delete certain messages):           

5. If you turn chat history off, like so...                       

6. ...then your chat history will always be empty, and look like this:       

7. By clicking on the Chat tab at the bottom of your screen, you and your members can join the discussion!:                                                   

8. If your chat history is enabled, then as an administrator you'll be able to selectively delete messages that you don't want hanging around any longer:       

Tips and Tricks: If you click on 'Pages' in your admin panel, and then deselect the visibility option next to Chat, 'Chat' won't be displayed in your navigation bar, but members will still be able to access and use the feature by clicking on the Chat tab at the bottom of their screen.