Using the Map module

Using the Map module
Here's a quick guide to getting started with the Map module, which allows your group's members to add their locations. Members of your community logged in through your group's mobile app will be able to find other group members near them!

Availability: All Plans

1. To get started, activate the Map module for your group by clicking on the plus sign to add a new page, then selecting Modules and then Map under the Standard Modules tab:       

2. Once you've done this, there are a number of things you're going to see on-screen as part of your new Map module:         

3. Let's start with the second option on the top, Edit Places:                                     

4. Click on Edit:  

5. You can either add your location manually, or give your browser permission for it to be detected automatically:                                           

6. Add your location information here, if you're doing this manually -- remember, you're on the Internet, so consider carefully how much information you're going to share:      

7. You've now checked in to your specified location, and it's indicated on the map accordingly:                                                                                 

8. Click on 'Administer this Module' at the top of the page to access this feature's settings:

9. Make any necessary changes, and click Submit:                         

10. You can also access the admin options for this module by clicking on Pages in the admin menu:                                                                                               

11. Your members are now able to check in as well: