Photos FAQ

Photos FAQ

How can I add photos to my group and create albums?

You can create albums and add photos by activating the Photos module: http://www.groups-corp.com/wiki/item/using-the-photos-module

Can my members create their own albums on their profile pages?

No they can't; but all the photos they've added on your group will be displayed on their profile.

What’s the maximum photo size that I can upload to my group?

The upload maximum for images is 5MB.

Can I tag my friends in pictures in the Photos module?

No, not yet.

Can I add new pictures to an album I created in the past?

Yes, you can add photos to the album at any time.

How can I share albums in the group on other sites, like Facebook?

As long as the group admin has enabled sharing and the album privacy settings are public, you can click on the share on Facebook link to share albums.