Links FAQ

Links FAQ

How do I share links with other members in my group?

You can share links with your members, and allow them to share their own links if you'd like, by using the Links module: http://www.groups-corp.com/wiki/item/using-the-links-module

There's a link that I don't want to put on a separate page in a list -- I want to put it in the spotlight to make sure my members see it. How can I do this?

You can also share links as part of your navigation menu, either linking to a site directly or having it open in a new window when your members click on the title. You can also use i-frames for this purpose.

How do I delete a link from the Links Module?

To delete a link from the Links Module, click on the description you gave the link when creating it (This is displayed next to the Links URL). When you do this, you should see a link to delete with a red "x". Click delete and then click yes on the menu that pops up.