Installing the Desktop Application

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Installing the Desktop Application

GROU.PS has launched a desktop application for its' users. Desktop application is a program designed to make it easy for our users to reach their sites, get updates and notifications and  connect their network with one click only!

Our users will now be able to install the application on their desktops following the steps below:

1) Please go to your admin panel-->mobile applications

2) Click on the link for Desktop Application

3) Download the app

4) Visit get.adobe.com/air/ to get the ADOBE AIR

5) Complete Adobe AIR Setup

6)  Adobe AIR Setup completed!

7) You can go back to the Desktop app now

8) Install the application

9) Complete the Desktop Application Setup

Almost there!

11) Please log in

13)  You may use Facebook Connect if you wish

14) Enjoy your Desktop Application!