Other FAQ

Other FAQ

How do I change my site's theme?

You can change or modify your site's theme at any time by clicking on the Look & Feel tab in your admin menu at the top of your group.

How do I remove blocks that I've added to my site and don't want anymore?

You can remove widgets at any time by positioning your mouse over it. A small X button should appear in the upper right of the block; just click to delete.

How do I use CSS to customize the appearance of my GROU.PS network?

Click on the Look & Feel tab, then Template Customization and Full Customization. Here, you'll be able to edit the CSS for your group.

How can I customize the theme of my page?

You can customize your theme using the Template Wizard in the Look & Feel section, and if you'd like, by editing the HTML or CSS in the Full Customization section.

How can I change the layout of the main page?

Just drag-and-drop blocks on your page until you've found an arrangement that works for you!