User Management/Roles FAQ

User Management/Roles FAQ

How do I appoint administrators in my GROU.PS network?

Navigate to the User Management section of your admin panel; using the drop-down menu next to a member's username, you can give them full administrative powers or assign them to a role you've set up through the Roles section.

What are roles? How do they work?

You can assign limited authorizations to certain members by setting up roles. For example, you can appoint someone an administrator of the Forum app on your site so they can monitor and intervene in discussions, without giving them access to administrative options in other areas of your site. Set up roles at the Roles section of your admin panel, which looks like this: http://grou.ps/YOURGROUPNAMEHERE/admin/roles

Can an admin kick other admins or the founder out of the group?

No, s/he can’t. Only the group founder has the authorization to remove other admins.

My group is open to the public, but one of the members is creating problems. Can I kick them out of the group?

Yes, you can. Visit the User Management section of your admin panel or that member's profile page to do this; you must be signed in as an admin to see these options.

How can I edit the profile questions that my members have to fill out when joining the group?

You can do this through the profile questions section of your admin panel, at this link: http://grou.ps/YOURGROUPNAMEHERE/admin/questions