Reaching your GROU.PS Network with or without the WWW

Reaching your GROU.PS Network with or without the WWW
D'you have a group on GROU.PS and you cnamed your network with www.yourname.com?
D'you experience problems reaching your group whenever you try to access it without the "www" like "yourname.com"?

This is what you have to do.

Simply,  use "www" as your subdomain for CNAME with your GROU.PS network.
For instance, let "www" be your subdomain and let "<yourgroupname>.grou.ps" be your IP Address or Target Host.

I use dynadot.com to host my domain name lagbook.com, and whenever you type "lagbook.com" or "www.lagbook.com", you find yourself going to the LAGbook social network.

If you're using DYNADOT as your domain host, then you'll have to visit your "DNS" settings.

In your domain record, forward yourname.com to www.yourname.com

Use "Forward" as your Record Type.

Then, go to your subdomain records, set your subdomain as "www", then use your record type as "CNAME", finally set your "IP Address or Target Host" to your default grou.ps link such as yourgroupname.grou.ps

Now save your settings by clicking on the "Use Dynadot DNS".

Other domain registrars use similar method to arrive at this.

But generally,
You will need to CNAME your subdomain "www" to your default GROU.PS network link
then forward your domain <yourname>.com to your subdomain www.<yourname>.com
This ensures that your visitors reach your network with or without the "www" in your domain link.

Tutorial by Chidi and Chika Nwaogu
for LAGbook.