Reward the content you love on the internet: LoveBucks

Reward the content you love on the internet: LoveBucks
LoveBucks is a new way to reward the content you love on the internet.

We've built Lovebucks as a way for you publishers to monetize your site better. Currently it's in pilot program, soon enough we'll give you a way to share your paypal info so that we can fully push it to your members and give you a means to make money off of your content. it will be completely optional, so you'll be able to opt out and turn it off

Please see theLoveBucks video here: http://www.thelovebucks.com/

How to join?
It's easy to join the LoveBucks network. Just commit to one of our monthly plans that cost you something between and $3 and $20 and you're done. Long live the great content on the internet...

To see how your money is actually being distributed, take a look at the here:

If you are a pıublisher please see: http://www.thelovebucks.com/publishers