Importing LinkedIn Contacts to Your Group in Just 60 Seconds

Importing LinkedIn Contacts to Your Group in Just 60 Seconds
Importing LinkedIn contacts to Sendloop

LinkedIn is the #1 source which allows you to create and build your online business network. With LinkedIn's status update you can easily share your latest announcements regarding new products, events, or career updates with your current business network. This feature ensures you are always keeping everyone up to date on your latest business activities.

However, sending an email to all of your LinkedIn contacts is not so easy. LinkedIn doesn't provide a full feature email delivery option, preventing you from sending out scheduled daily or weekly emails to your LinkedIn network.

With GROU.PS you can easily import your LinkedIn contacts and invite them to your group. This will allow you to reach out to your business associates, gain more members to your network, and share status updates from your group. They'll be able to receive mass emails from your network with updates on photos, videos, and files to name a few. The good news is, this doesn't require any technical skills and is easy as 1-2-3!

Okay, let’s start and get your LinkedIn contacts to your group in 60 seconds. Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your LinkedIn account
  2. In your LinkedIn account, click “Network > Contacts” link on the top menu:
  3. On the “Contacts” page, click the “Settings” icon ss2 which can be found on the right side of “Contacts” header.
  4. Now click “Export LinkedIn Connections” link on the right box named “Advanced Settings”:
  5. LinkedIn will ask you the export format. Choose “Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file)” option and click “Export” button.
  6. Once you pass the human verification, your contacts will be exported and downloaded to your computer in seconds.
  7. Click this link : https://sheet.zoho.com/excelviewer
  8. Upload the csv file here.
  9. Right-click the email addresses column and follow the "cut" command.
  10. Email addresses must be in the first column of the file. Right-click the first column and follow the "paste" command.
  11. The second column must contain first name and the third column last name information.
  12. We'll save the file after you have made available.
  13. Now, login to your group with founder or admin account
  14. Click "Spread the Word" link at the right above "Tools" menu.
  15. Please click "By Csv" tab and upload the csv file.
  16. You can select all people or just the people you wish to import.
  17. Next you can select to add the members automatically or you can send them an invitation.

That’s all. In just less than 60 seconds, you added your LinkedIn contacts to your group member list. Happy groupie!