Setting up Mandrill to handle your group emails without any additional plugins using SMTP module. (Completely Free)

Setting up Mandrill to handle your group emails without any additional plugins using SMTP module. (Completely Free)

Mandrill is a scalable and affordable email infrastructure service from MailChimp. In just a few easy steps, you can setup Mandrill to handle all the outgoing emails from your group. If you are finding that your emails are landing up in spam boxes of users, this is one way to quickly & painlessly avoid that.

1. Sign up for Mandrill

Head over to http://mandrill.com/ & sign up for a new Account. Mandrill is free to use up to 12,000 emails per month. If you are a paying MailChimp user, then you can get many more free emails per month. See the details here.

2. Login & Get your SMTP & API Credentials

Once you login to Mandrill, head over to the SMTP & API settings page for your account by navigating to Settings > SMTP & API Credentials. The SMTP password is any active API key for your account, and not the password used to log in to Mandrill. This will give you all the details you need to setup Mandrill with GROU.PS. Note that you might have to generate a API key on this page if there isn't one already.

Create an API key.

Copy your API credentials.

3. Configure your group's SMTP Module for Mandrill

Click Tools -> SMTP

And last step : Paste your Mandrill API credentials;

(from https://mandrillapp.com/settings/ to http://{GROUPNAME}.grou.ps/admin/smtp)

Thats it ! Once you are done, all your outgoing site emails should be now routed via Mandrill. If you use this method, Email Beautifier will also work. Note that the same method also applies if you want to send you J!MailAlerts email digests via Mandrill. This can better help you track clicks & opens in that case too !

Important note: The above information is an example and there is not available for another group, you must define your own information. Otherwise, mail sending cannot be done. All information must be accurate and belong to you.